Meapa Invitational 2013

The club was invited to join the annual Meapa Invitational event in Gravesend in Kent. The event took place over two days in early May 2013.

After a long drive (at least for our excited gymnasts it was long), the sun tried to shine and the hotdogs and burgers on the barbecue outside the club hall smelled great. The event packs in a lot of competition over several sessions for hundreds of gymnasts so there’s a lot of patience required by both competitors and their parents or guardians. Here you can see some of the squd biding their time in the queue for one session.


Once the formalities of registration and visiting the toilet one last time were over, our talented squad joined the other teams in their respective waiting areas. It was a nervous time for those that had escorted these talented young lads and lasses. Would they all come out smiling and proud? Would there be last minute nerves? Or worse still would there be a “no show” from these competition debutantes?

The worries were unfounded as one by one our plucky gymnasts strode out tall, smiling and proud.

All the various disciplines took place at once with two vaulting horses and two floor exercise areas constantly busy. With so much going on at once, it was hard for those of us watching to keep track of who was where and doing what. Had Gosling done well? Was Sammy smiling? How were our team doing?

As the time for the presentations approached, nerves kicked in from all sides. But the nervousness soon turned to delight at Gosling brought home a fantastic haul of medals and ribbons at all skill levels and in all age groups.

Well done to all of those who took part and we hope to be invited back to the Meapa club next year.

Bend. Stretch. Flex. Be Fit. Be Happy.